Planting Trees, Flowers and Bushes

Planting trees and Shrubs
Planting new trees and shrubs is an excellent way to enhance your outdoor living space. When choosing a tree to match your unique landscape it’s always important to pick the right species and to plant it in the right place. Our free design and consultation services ensures you get the look of your ideal yard using plants and trees that are suited for your specific environment.
Things to Consider
When planting a tree on your property, there are a few considerations such as the grow spaces needs to be greater than three feet wide at a minimum. If you are planning to grow an oak tree, it will require more soil preparation than other trees, especially if you live in a suburban area. When planting a tree in New England you should make special note of the sun exposure for your planned area. Choosing the correct tree for your location should be carefully considered. If you want to conserve nature and prevent plant or tree extinctions, look for native tree species. A carefully designed planting area can really soften up any hardscape and bring a new feel.
The S & S Difference
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