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Stone & Retaining Walls
landscape design may include retaining walls and/or decorative garden walls. The difference between the two is the function they are to serve in your landscape. S and S Landscaping can install retaining walls of dry rock or dry block. (“Dry” means that the wall is constructed with little or no cement or mortar, “rock” refers to natural stone, and “block” refers to man-made concrete blocks made to look like stone.) Because there is little or no cementing agent used, these retaining walls are porous and will allow water to pass between the joints in the stone or block. Gravel back fill can be used behind the retaining wall to further facilitate drainage as well.

In addition to addressing drainage/erosion issues, retaining walls can help:

Reduce safety issues associated with walking, mowing or other yard maintenance on steep slopes
Create more usable space and add structure and beauty to your yard.

You can also choose to add trailing plants above the wall or in planting pockets created in the crevices for a simple, easy way to add more color and texture to your landscape

There’s more to a retaining wall than meets the eye. Basically, the part of a retaining wall that you can see is just one part of a retaining wall. Retaining walls may also incorporate:

  • A gravel or concrete footer
  • Back fill for drainage behind the wall
  • Trenching (lined with landscape fabric and filled with gravel) for drainage above the wall
  • Weep holes for drainage at the base of the wall
  • Deadmen for added structural support

Whether these components are included in the construction of a retaining wall depends on:

  • The size of the wall
  • The construction method (dry stack or mortared)
  • Existing site drainage/erosion conditions
  • How much soil the wall is to retain

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